Russian military remove spare parts from equipment so as not to fight

The Russian military exchange spare parts from equipment for alcohol.

The Russian military exchange spare parts from equipment for alcohol. / Photo: Collage: Today

Russian military actively trade in spare partsthat were stolen from military equipment. The invaders evacuate Russian tanks, armored personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles knocked out by the defenders of Ukraine to the territory of the Russian Federation for repairs. However, during the journey, the enemy’s military equipment finally turns into scrap metal, which is no longer subject to repair and restoration.

This is evidenced intelligence data GUR of the Ministry of Defense.

Ukrainian intelligence officers learned that the occupiers were removing spare parts, batteries and weapon control units from equipment and trying to sell them or exchange them for alcohol.

“Given the scale of the theft and the critical level of equipment of units with combat-ready equipment, the commander of the troops of the southern military district of the Russian Federation ordered to conduct urgent investigations into cases of theft of equipment and double the security of trains that deliver the destroyed equipment to repair units,” – reported in intelligence.

“Either he drives and doesn’t shoot, or he shoots and doesn’t drive”

The Russian occupiers complain about shelling by the Armed Forces of Ukraine and faulty equipment. In an intercepted conversation, two Russians discuss the situation at the forefront. One of them says that at night he came under heavy shelling of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Complains about the lack of people.

The occupiers complain that three people have to be on duty all day. The interlocutor says that a tank unit is standing near them, which also came under fire.

“One two hundredth, one three hundredth. Yo … (hit) at night. DRG came in. They showed us everything. They all told us. occupant complains.

Earlier we wrote that Russian infidels complain that in the war in Ukraine the Russians can not stand the psyche. some military of the Russian Federation “is already going to the roof.” In addition, opponents suffer huge losses.

The Segodnya website reported that Russian soldiers complain about hopelessness in the Russian army.