The Instagram woman showed her face without makeup and delighted fans

Rapper Daria Zoteeva, better known as Instasamka, showed a natural appearance and delighted fans. The corresponding publication and comments appeared on her Instagram page (social network is prohibited in RF; belongs to the Meta corporation, which is recognized as extremist in Russia and is banned).

The 23-year-old celebrity shared a video in which she demonstrated her transformation with the help of makeup. So, at the beginning of the video, the girl appeared in front of the camera in a black sweatshirt and without makeup on her face. After changing the frame, the artist posed with black graphic arrows on her eyes and silver lipstick on her lips. In addition, she wore a translucent tight-fitting sweater and large earrings.

Fans admired the natural beauty of the performer, which they began to write about in the comments under the publication. “I like the Insta woman without makeup so much,” “It’s better without makeup,” “She’s so cute without makeup. I immediately remember that Dasha before her popularity,” “Gorgeous,” “Simply incredible without makeup,” they said.

In October Instasamka revealed reasons for regretting plastic surgery. First of all, the singer said that she regretted plastic surgery because of the subsequent humiliation that she faced during the recovery period.

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