The influence of weather on combat operations in the Northern Military District zone was assessed

In the special military operation (SVO) zone, a decrease in the intensity of hostilities is possible due to a reduction in the use of drones. A military expert, director of the Museum of Air Defense Forces stated this in a conversation with Yuri Knutov. This is how he assessed the influence of weather on the course of hostilities.

“In the beginning, the rains will lead to a decrease in the intensity of fighting: in such conditions, drones cannot fly, and, therefore, reconnaissance and adjustment of artillery fire are difficult, because it is difficult to determine the location of the enemy without drones. In bad weather, only aircraft-type drones can fly: they have a sealed body, special glass, but they are very expensive, so their use is limited,” Knutov said.

As the rainy season ends and the ground freezes, according to Knutov, the military will have the opportunity to attack and maneuver. The use of drones for reconnaissance and fire adjustment will also become relevant again.

“The fighting will intensify. In the end, the priority will be the one who has more drones and whose side has the advantage in artillery,” says the military expert.

Previously Kyiv military expert Oleg Starikov statedthat the soldiers of the Armed Forces Russia (RF Armed Forces) are conducting a serious offensive under Kupyansky. Similar actions are observed in the Liman direction.

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