The Spanish media have reported that the Infanta Sofia She has decided to make a decision about her life that is very contrary to what her parents wanted for her. Well, she has been very passionate about soccer and for that reason she decided to pursue her dream and she wants to dedicate herself completely to this sport and her parents have already reacted to her daughter’s decision.

The infanta Sofia, which is 15 years old, has repeatedly demonstrated her passion and love for soccer, for this reason she has decided to dedicate herself to this sport for the rest of her life. the daughter of King Philip SAW and of the Princess Letizia She plays as a midfielder in a team from Madrid, but for her it seems that it is not enough, because she wants to advance professionally.

The only thing that would prevent Infanta Sofia following her dream is that this is not an activity suitable for royalty, so it would be difficult for her to achieve what she wants. Although it is believed that there may be some kind of possibility by having a lower rank than her sister, the Princess Eleanorso he decided to share his desire for a professional football career and just have to wait for the decision of the highest figure of the royal house.

It was also announced that the Infanta Sofía would begin the tests at the CD Dux Internacional de Madrid Football Academywhich is a team that has a headquarters in Villaviciosa of odo and is active in more than twelve competitions, as reported by the media «The Digital Confidential«.