Although rumors pointed out that Gerard Piqué and his girlfriend, Clara Chia, they would not be going through their best moment, some others affirm that at this moment they are more united than ever. Clara seems to be away from public life after the release of the controversial song by Shakira.

Clara Chia before starting a relationship with Gerard Piqué she was an invisible person for the press, but since the news of a relationship came to light, the media began to pay more attention to the young woman’s life and some say they are amazed with her physical change since she started dating Pique.

Well, many say that Clara Chia She was a girl who cared little about her physical appearance and her clothing, and in a short time she has been seen with a slightly more defined physique, with more elegant and less casual clothes than before.

If we analyze the different changes, there are sources that suggest that he may have had some surgeries on his face and therefore his face looks different, more defined and without pimples.

Others have commented that there are no such operations, but, as usual on social networks, Piqué’s girlfriend uploaded her photos with various filters, so sometimes a slightly sweeter photo of her appears.

In his mentioned physical aspect, his hair is important, since it has been seen on several occasions how he appears with longer and straighter hair, for which he makes sure that he would be wearing extensions, but she has also been seen with a slightly wilder look, but it seems that she decides whether to use them or not depending on the situation.