Jennifer Lopez and Mark Anthony during the process of their relationship they conceived their two twins Emme and Max, who are 15 years old today, and although it is not an adulthood, the children of the singers have shown personality and their own style when it comes to dressing ; however, over the years they have had changes and an impressive transformation to this day, especially Emme.

The children of the two singers have always shown to impose their own character and personality and that is why on more than one occasion the parents of the young woman Emme Munizhave gone to the media because they prefer their daughter to be called with the term “elle» when it is addressed by the media, since it is the pronoun with which the young person feels identified.

Although in his childhood the youngest was dressed in very feminine attirerecently on an outing with her mother, paparazzi managed to photograph the young woman using a more sporty and uncomplicated style. The youngest had as an outfit wide jean shorts, a dark blue diver, sports shoes and high white socks, in addition to this, What most caught the attention of her transformation was her new savage-style haircut, short, loose and wavy..

Emme Muñiz seems to have inherited her mother’s taste for fashion and has been seen looking great at the events she attends, making it clear that she is the daughter of one of the most applauded personalities in the industry for her indisputable style.

Jennifer López, for her part, has respected every decision her daughter makes and has supported her, including with regard to her gender identity, protecting her from each follower who badly seeks to discriminate against her for her decisions.