On May 9 in Rybny at 9.00 at the memorial “The Fire of Memory” were held the action “Remember all by name” and “Memory Watch”.

Despite the rainy weather, many Rybnov residents took to the streets of the city to bring portraits of their relatives to the Immortal Regiment. In a solemn procession, they walked along the central streets of the city – from the Post Office to Lenin Square. A solemn meeting was held here at the Eternal Flame.

Among the guests of honor at the rally were Minister of Industry and Economic Development of the Ryazan Region Andrey Vorfolomeev, Deputy of the Ryazan Regional Duma Nikolai Makarikov and others.

And about. Marina Lysakovskaya, head of the administration of the Rybnovsky district:

“Today we remember all those thanks to whom we, our children and grandchildren live in a free country. Despite the years, the memory of the Great Victory continues to live in the hearts of generations. Today, our people have rallied, proudly bearing the title of winners. It means that this time the victory will be ours! Happy holiday!

Rector of St. Nicholas Church Archpriest Gennady Cherkasov served a lithium in memory and to the glory of those who died in the Great Patriotic War. Those who gathered honored the dead soldiers with a moment of silence and laid wreaths and flowers at the Eternal Flame. At the end of the rally, the servicemen of military unit No. 98531 marched in solemn formation.

After that, a festive concert began on the city dance floor. And at noon, those who wished could refresh themselves with soldier’s porridge and warm themselves with hot tea.