The drama of separation Shakira with the former Spanish footballer Gerard Piqué It still does not stop, and it is that the way of their breakup was obscure, since the athlete was cheating on her for a long time and she did not know it. But as we all know, the present is already different, but the trace of that betrayal is still affecting the heart and feelings of the Colombian.

The accession of Clara Chia Marti in Gerard Piqué’s family is something that has given a lot to talk about on social networks, since for many it was really surprising that the young woman was able to win over the strict parents of the former footballer of the Barcelona Fc in such little time.

And it is precisely that image of Clara Chía that has broken Shakira’s heart, since the beautiful family image that the 23-year-old achieved in such a short time was never achieved by the interpreter of ‘Waka waka’.

Clara Chia Martí and Piqué’s mother have a very good relationship, something that the Colombian in ten years could not achieve in any way, not even being the mother of the children of the former footballer, nor for his great fame and worldwide recognition.

In recent days, the photographs showing Clara Chia and the mother of Pique together, walking arm in arm down the street and living together in the best possible way.

These images definitely break the heart of Shakira, who was never able to achieve that level of affection and communication with her in-laws, something that Clara Chía Martí did achieve and in a very short time.

And you, what do you think of the great relationship they have? Clara Chia and the parents of Gerard Piqué?