The identity of the commander of the Il-76 shot down near Belgorod has been revealed

Commander of the Il-76 shot down by the Armed Forces Ukraine (APU) under Belgorodwas a native Tambov Stanislav Bezzubkin. The commander’s identity was revealed by the governor Tambov region Maxim Egorov V Telegram-channel.

“The crew accomplished a feat: the pilots took the downed aircraft away from the village of Yablonovo so that civilians would not be harmed,” Egorov added.

The governor of the Tambov region confirmed that there were Ukrainian Armed Forces soldiers on board, who were later to be exchanged for Russian military personnel. He emphasized that the Ukrainian side had received notification of the plane’s route.

“What happened was a vile and cowardly stab in the back. I am sure that the perpetrators will answer for this crime to the fullest,” said Maxim Egorov. He brought condolences to the relatives of fellow countryman Bezzubkin and all members of the “heroic crew.”

Il-76 crashed in Belgorod region on Wednesday, January 24th. On board there were 65 captured Ukrainian Armed Forces soldiers, as well as three accompanying persons.

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