This would be the humiliating seat that would have been placed on the prince harryat the upcoming coronation of her father and stepmother, King Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla Parker.

Prince Harry is one of the most hated royal members of the royal family, since since he left his royal posts he has dedicated himself to revealing secrets of the royal house. One of the most controversial has been the infidelity of his brother the prince william, or the deals that the queen consort had Camilla Parker against him, all this without a doubt, has brought him unpopularity and hatred of the British crown on the part of the British people.

He Buckingham Palace was in charge of confirming Prince Harry’s attendance at his father’s coronation on King Charles IIIwhat for all has been an expectation about what could happen with the presence of the Duke of Sussex in such a great event, some members of the royal house were concerned that he and his wife could steal the attention on coronation day, but Prince Harry himself has confirmed that he will attend his father’s event alone.

paul burrellwho was the butler of Diana of Wales and his right-hand man for many years affirms that the situation within the royal family is very tense and has heard that there will be no possibility of reconciliation or forgiveness towards Prince Harry, he also affirms that the Duke of Sussex will not stay in the royal house and that he will possibly travel to California after the coronation.

Burrell, has told the British media that Prince Harry may receive a hostile welcome from the entire royal family, and that on coronation day he was assigned a position in the tenth row, being far removed from the royal family. , and it seems that the duke of sussex he agreed to this, as he does not want to be next to them or spend a lot of time with them.

Another harsh reality in these rumors is that the duke will not be on the balcony like the rest of his family will be, an act that could end up generating more criticism of the British monarchy.