the controversial actress American She was put back in her place after requesting annulment of the trial that gave her ex-husband the victory.

The team of lawyers Amber Heard A few weeks ago, she presented to the Justice the request for annulment of the trial she had with her ex-husband, the legendary American actor Johnny Depp, since they allege that the evidence presented in the process was not sufficient for the resolution.

Likewise, the actress’s lawyers requested that the “inappropriate service” be “investigated”, due to the alleged erroneous information of one of the seven jurors in which it is indicated as the date of birth in [1945 when his real birth was in 1970.

Unfortunately for the actress and her legal team, however, the County Circuit Court Judge Fairfax, Virginia, Penney Azcarate, gave a forceful answer that was completely humiliating for Heard:

“The jury was investigated, sat for the entire jury, deliberated and reached a verdict. The only evidence before this Court is that this juror and all jurors complied with their oaths, instructions and orders of the Court. East Court is bound by the competent decision of the jury.”

The judge also revealed that five days prior to the start of the trial, both parties received a list of information about the seven popular juries that would determine the resolution. In this way, they could do their own research and anticipate if there was any data that did not follow the stipulated rules, so at this point wanting to annul the trial based on what they consider “fraud” is completely null.

“Due process was guaranteed and provided to all parties in this litigation. Voir dire was conducted fairly and impartially, with the Tribunal and both sides vetting prospective jurors. There is no evidence of fraud or irregularities,” he assured.