At the Kolupaev family in Verkhnyaya Salda, a fire completely destroyed a private house, and with it all things. The fire victims remained unharmed, but now they need help.

The fire broke out on the afternoon of Thursday 28 July. Parents at that time were at work, two daughters, 5 and 13 years old, remained in the house. They managed to get out in time, but did not take any things with them. Literally everything burned down: documents, dishes, furniture, household appliances. Investigators are investigating what caused the fire. The family has been taken in by relatives.

“Husband Dmitry works at a factory in Salda, Anastasia is a child psychologist, we invited her to Nizhny Tagil as a good specialist. Works on emotional disturbance, with minor developmental delays, helps moms deal with it all. Recently, she has become very involved in charitable activities. They have three children: two daughters and a son, he is already an adult, studying in Yekaterinburg,” Anastasia Kolupaeva’s colleagues say.

The family is still in shock. Friends and colleagues volunteered to help them. On social media they organized a fundraiser and things. Fire victims literally need everything – from clothes and shoes to household utensils.

List of essentials:

The eldest daughter (13 years old): shoes – 41 sizes, clothes – 46-48 (height 175),
Youngest daughter (5 years old): shoes – 28-30 size, clothes – 116-122,
Husband Dmitry: shoes – size 44, clothes – 54-56 (height 186)
Wife Anastasia: shoes – 41 sizes, clothes – 48-50

Fire in a private house in Verkhnyaya Salda. Video provided by the participants of the gathering

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