The holiday of the first sheaf was celebrated in ZAO Pobeda, Zakharovsky district

On July 29, a celebration of the first sheaf was held on the field of CJSC Pobeda. This site of winter wheat is located near the central estate of the agricultural enterprise.

At the beginning, the floor was given Ildus Abdyushev, head of the administration of the Zakharovsky district. He congratulated the farmers on the beginning of the harvest:

“Good luck to you, farmers. In total, more than 40 hectares of grain crops are to be threshed in the region. Everyone knows you can do your job.”

Among the participants in the celebration of the first sheaf were the Pobeda combine operators Anatoly Vorysalov, Sergey Arbuzov, Valery Romanov, Vladimir Atkin and others. Their equipment is located on the edge of the field, ready to work at any moment.

Driver Evgeny Khokhlov:

“We hope to receive and reap a good harvest. Last year, I managed to transport almost 3,900 tons of grain along the field-to-current route. This is the second result in the region. And we will not let you down in this harvest.

On a festive day, the harvesting of bread began in Pobeda in a peasant way – from a scythe. The heads of the enterprises of the region, veterans of agricultural production demonstrated their ability to work in the grain field.

Songs for farmers were performed by participants of the regional amateur performances Ilona Revtsova, Tatyana Teplyakova, Natalya Frolova.

Then, in front of the icon of the Mother of God “The Conqueror of Bread”, Priest Sergius from the Ostroukhov Church served a prayer service.