The famous Sochi restaurant of the White Rabbit Family “Che? Kharcho! from today he also works in Moscow – in Gorky Park.

In Sochi and Krasnaya Polyana, the restaurant offers dishes of the Black Sea cuisine: kebabs, khinkali, khachapuri, rich Caucasian soups, fresh fish, rapana and other dishes. There, these establishments of the WRF group are among the most profitable (because Sochi is certainly not spoiled by establishments of this level): vacationers line up for khinkali and khachapuri all year round.

In the Moscow branch in Gorky Park, branded giant pasties-balls have already become a hit: the visitor puts on gloves, blows off the balloon, and then tries to eat the pasties, if he is not at all afraid for his figure. The eating algorithm was demonstrated by the founder of WRF, Boris Zarkov, deftly folding a deflated cheburek into a tube.

Visitors report that there were many such applicants in Moscow: on the first day of the Moscow institution “Che? Kharcho! all balls-chebureks have already been eaten.

But how told in an interview with “Moskvich Mag” heading the kitchen “Che? Kharcho! star chef Vladimir Mukhin, “the main rule for chefs in WRF is that the leader must go down into the mine. For example, I often stand at the distribution, helping the cooks. I can get on the grill. Or I see a guy in a fit – I go to help him, for me this is not a problem. On the contrary, I enjoy it.”

In general, if such a rush demand continues for pastry balls, Mukhin, it seems, will have to “get high”.

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