The series of prince harry Y Meghan Markle have revealed in a clip of the new series of Netflix of their first dance as husband and wife and it was with the iconic 1960s hit Land of a Thousand Dances.

Images released on December 10 by US streaming giant Netflix show the Duchess of Sussex singing along with a series of never-before-seen images of the couple dancing with the pop legend, Elton John, who was a friend of the late Lady Di, at their 2018 wedding.

Meghan Markle in a preview before the release of the next chapters on December 15:

I really wanted music to be fun, even our first dance..

Then he turned to Harry and I ask: “The song of a thousand dances? A thousand dances? I always make mistakes.»

Then the duchess began to sing Land of a Thousand Dancesfirst recorded by Chris Kenner in 1962 and later became a hit for wilson pickett Y Cannibal & the Headhunters.

It’s our first dance song, it was fun, we twirled like a whirlwind, it was wonderful.

In the midst of the controversy that continues to arise over the first installment available on the platform since December 8.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex tell their love story in this first documentary series, to which Netflix said:

The six-episode first season explores the secret beginnings of their relationship and the problems that forced them to leave their duties at the Royal Institution.

According to him prince harry Y Meghan Markle, the documentary series is not limited to the love story of a couple, but rather describes their own world and how they treat each other, that is why the series is supported by the testimony of family and friends, many of whom have never spoken in public, as well as historians commenting on the state of the Commonwealth and the relationship between the British monarchy and the media.