Through his statements in the memoir ‘Spare’, the prince harry he has opened his heart and memory to give us even the last details of his intimate life. And with it, the terrible experience that he lived when he found out about the death of his iconic mother, the Princess Diana of Welsh.

The Duke of Sussex I don’t know, he has recovered, because at least that is what he confirms in his memoirs, in which apart from throwing hard darts against the British royalty, he also details how difficult it was for him to find out about the death of his mother.

The youngest son of King Charles III He stated that his father was in charge of giving him the tragic news. However, the statement that he has made regarding the situation has left more than one impacted; Carlos III did not hug him or tell him that he was “sorry.”

“My father did not hug me. He wasn’t very good at expressing his emotions under normal circumstances,” the royal said.

These affirmations have left more than one shocked, since there are many who at one time believed that Carlos he was emotionally with his two children during that very difficult time in their lives.

The The prince Harry affirms that that night he did not cry, he was left alone in his room without receiving any kind of visitors. However, in the days that followed, he did cry and even claimed to have felt very angry and powerless.

In addition, another moment that has moved more than one is the revelation that the husband of Meghan Markle he has done around what he thought had actually happened with his mother. Harry He commented that he was convinced that Diana had gone far from the United Kingdom, in order to hide from her family and thus lead a calmer and, above all, happier life.

However, and as we all know, this was not the reality of the events and having faced the truth, it was something that was difficult for him and still is very difficult to accept.