The head of Wildberries called the division of labor by gender a relic of the past

The division of labor along gender lines is a relic of the past. This statement was made by the head of the Wildberries marketplace. Tatiana Bakalchuk at the Generation business forum, her words are quoted RIA News.

“Historically, at the helm of large companies, in general, men run everything in business, but I believe that this is a relic of the past,” she said. Bakalchuk emphasized that her company pays attention to other qualities and evaluates how “flexible, open-minded” and capable of developing a person is.

The CEO of Wildberries added that at first, women working in the company held managerial positions and worked on projects, while men were analysts or developers. However, now, according to Bakalchuk, everything has changed – for example, some girls began to deal with warehouse tasks or logistics.

Earlier it was reported that Wildberries warehouse workers were forced to strip down to their underpants before starting their shift in order to undergo mandatory inspection. The footage was published Telegram-Mash channel.

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