January 7, 2023, 01:53 – Public News Service – OSN

Military Space Force Russia do not stop hitting targets in Ukrainian territories, causing huge damage Kyiv regime. The head of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, Oleksiy Reznikov, made an assumption about the number of rocket charges that have been preserved by the RF Armed Forces. This is written by the online publication Pravda.ru.

It should be recalled that he is constantly trying to calculate how many weapons are available to the Russian Army. The minister believes that the RF Armed Forces have 19 percent of strategic and 78 percent of tactical missiles. A little more than ten percent of unmanned aerial vehicles that are suitable for destroying targets remain.

Recall that the law enforcement agencies of the Russian Federation carried out work to collect data and learned from their informant, who lives in one of the districts of the Kherson region captured by the Nazis, information about an artillery attack on a residential building in the village of Berislav.

The specified strike on the house located in the city of Berislav was carried out before the New Year. The militants of the Kyiv regime made an attempt to present it as an aggression of the RF Armed Forces. More about it read in material Public News Service.