“These days St. Petersburg has gathered politicians, businessmen, experts, journalists and others for the 25th anniversary St. Petersburg International Economic Forum 2022.

The central event of the forum was the speech of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, who voiced the problems of a global scale, and also determined the development of the country in the face of severe sanctions from unfriendly states. Of course, the leader of the nation, Vladimir Vladimirovich, stressed that it is neither economically, nor politically, nor spiritually impossible to stop the development of Russia, especially when the world order has become multi-vector.

At SPIEF-2022, the stand of our republic was also presented, which was visited by many Russian politicians and businessmen. The delegation of the republic was headed by Glavv RD Sergey Melikov, who had bilateral meetings with the governors of the regions, heads of financial, investment companies, state corporations. The result of these meetings was the signing of dozens of agreements and agreements on mutually beneficial cooperation in all areas.

We hope that we will soon see the results and fruits of these agreements, which will give us a new development,” commented the head of the Karabudakhkent region Mahmud Amiraliev on the results of SPIEF-2022.