He King Charles III demanded demanding conditions from the restaurant that would be responsible for the large banquets that the royal family would organize to serve their important guests at the events of the monarchy.

As the English media report, the current leader of the most important European monarchy on the continent is quite methodical and demanding, and it is that the Buckingham PalaceDespite having his own cooks and chefs, the King has been quite demanding on the subject of the food that he will offer at his upcoming meetings and large banquets.

And it is that this is not only quite stressful for the employees in charge of the gastronomy inside the royal palace, but also for the prestigious restaurants contracted to take care of this important service in royalty.

Recently British entertainment media have revealed which will be the restaurant that will provide the exquisite and exotic food of the monarchy, it is about Madhu’s of Mayfairwho has stood out for working for more than a decade for the English monarchy.

The renowned founder of this exquisite restaurant Sanjay AnandHe confessed that the first time he was invited to attend the royal gastronomy was quite stressful and not easy at all, since following the protocol imposed by the King when choosing the dish to be served at the banquet is meticulous and difficult.

First the palace will send managers taste all the dishes proposed by the restaurant, of which some will be chosen that could be liked by the head of the royal family, after this the King will taste each of the previously selected dishes, and will choose one of them, the most suitable for his guests.