Shakira and Pique They decided to reach several agreements before officially signing their separation, last December, where they would make clear the terms and conditions of what would happen next, since the failed marriage He left two children from his ex-partner.

The Colombian singer Shakira and the ex-soccer player Gerard Piqué wanted to leave reflected through the court of first instance and family of Barcelona the terms on the most precious thing that the union between the two would leave, their children. And it is that both affirmed that Milan and Sasha had to be the priority in everything, stipulating through documents the time, treatment, duties and responsibilities for minors.

And it is that in recent weeks details were released about the fact that at that time Gerard Pique’s lawyer, Ramon Drummerannounced these terms in which he assures that the ex-couple felt “more relaxed and calmer» having left the aforementioned in writing, where the only thing that mattered about their damaged relationship was their children.

I also confess that at that time the couple avoided at all costs that they see them togetherso much so that when they arrived at the court, they agreed to enter and leave at different times, avoiding the press to photograph them together.