“Actress, presenter and runner Lenka Vacvalová overcomes difficult terrain and herself on a 770-kilometer route along the path of the heroes of the Slovak National Uprising (SNP),” handcuffs the seller to the book Lenka Vacvalováwho recently got married and is Mrs. Poláčková.

“She tells the story of everyday challenges and the search for courage. And not just your own. It also maps the fates of the heroes who fell in the SNP and the women who found the incredible courage to help during the uprising. Ultra run. Challenging, long, exhausting. Sixteen days full of rain and snow, mud, pain, but also incredibly powerful experiences, “ delivers to the account of the book the work of a purposeful Slovak who does not just give up.

Because as an actress she didn’t shine as much as she imagined, she also took on moderation. The role in Judge Barbara made her a little famous, but certainly not enough to satisfy her. The moderation was also nice, but it turned out similarly with acting, so Lenka started to focus on Instagram as well.

She started cooking, so she tried to do it, during which she became the face of cereal biscuits, for example. However, she still bypassed auditions and castings, but unfortunately did not reach episodes or television commercials.

Lenka Poláčková Vacvalová in the series Judge Barbara

More and more often, therefore, she took refuge in the mountains, which gradually became her greatest love. She exchanged her robes for cross-country skiing gear and eventually packed her climbing equipment. She also met her husband Jan Poláček during the mountain hikes. Together they conquered many peaks, including the highest mountain in Slovakia Gerlachovský štít. They also said sweet “yes” in the mountains.

“I invented a fairy dress symbolizing simplicity, winter, snow and especially nature, “ she revealed about Poláčková’s wedding dress, which is also dedicated to fashion design.

There is obviously no goal in the world that she does not want to try to subdue. He definitely deserves admiration, none of that. But the question hangs in the air as to whether he is pushing too hard on the saw. And as soon as she becomes a mother, she will also be an expert in education and child nutrition. By the way, of course, there was already …