for some timeGerard Piqué and Clara Chia They have been the bad protagonists for all the media and followers of the Colombian singer, Shakiraafter the ex-soccer player has been unfaithful to the artist with the young Spanish model.

Since this controversial event, these three characters involved have been persecuted and harassed by all means around the world and although Shakira has decided to move to USA with her two children to avoid the harassing Spanish press, in Miami he also continues to have media pressure no matter where he is.

Currently, the Colombian singer has released a new single involving her two young children, Milan and Sashaso this made the song become a trend in less than a week, the fact that the children appeared in said song with their mother did not like Gerard Piqué at all, so he responded by posting on his networks an affectionate photo with Clara Chía, perhaps to divert attention from the new success of his ex-wife.

A few days ago, the former soccer player and his current partner were involved in the harassment of the Spanish media, since they wanted to know the opinion of the controversial couple towards Shakira’s new song “Acrostic”, a subject in which neither of them wanted to respond to the pressure exerted by the media that were around their car.

Although the controversial couple do their best to keep a low profile in Barcelonathey see it as impossible to be able to be calm, since the persecutions and harassments of the Spanish media are too much for this couple that the first thing they want is to be able to be calm.