The guy pulled an unusual object out of his head and puzzled netizens

User Reddit with the nickname ClappemCheekss published a photo of an object removed from his head. The guy’s unusual find puzzled netizens.

The author of the publication posted a photo that showed a narrow, oblong, light-colored object with a dark splash. He said that he pulled it out of his own head. “My head itched. I felt a tiny bump where it was itching. I picked it up with my nails and pulled out something. I don’t know what the hell this is,” he captioned the photo.

Some commentators were surprised by what they saw. “I think it’s a small cutaneous horn. I had a couple of these,” “Oh my god, now my head is itching,” they said. Also, readers of the portal joked that the author of the post was turning into some other creature, for example, a porcupine or a chicken. “Next time, take a video of yourself pulling this thing out. And you will have a billion subscribers on YouTube,” one of the commentators sneered.

Other users suggested that the object could be an ingrown hair or a pimple. “Like an ingrown hair or a sebaceous plug”, “Like a man whose beard had several dozen ingrown hairs, [говорю, что] this is 100 percent them,” “Perhaps the ingrown hair has been growing in the wrong direction for some time,” commenters wrote.

Previously user published on Reddit, a photo of a sink and made portal visitors think. There were dark blue spots of unknown origin on the white surface of the shell. The author of the post himself claimed that he had not been home for a week.

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