The girl took unusual revenge on her annoying boss

User Reddit told the portal how in the past she took unusual revenge on a boss who irritated her. The girl’s story made many commentators laugh.

According to the author of the post, the situation occurred when she worked for a large retail company. “My boss was in the “he was promoted only because he’s a guy” kind of guy. He didn’t do a lot of things that our department really needed,” the girl said.

She assured that the former boss often spent time at work, simply chatting with colleagues or clients. “And the company rewarded him with gifts for our high sales: travel, gadgets. But these sales were mainly made by me and the team that I trained,” the author added.

One day, the narrator’s boss placed a photograph of his infant child on the desk and also set it as wallpaper on the work computer used by the company’s employees. A Reddit user noted that the child’s appearance always seemed strange to her because of the large head and bulging eyes.

“I had to look at this photo all day, and my clients saw it. So I went into photo editing software and enlarged the baby’s eyes by about ten percent. Not enough for daddy to notice, but enough for it to confuse you when you first see the picture,” the girl said.

She added that the people to whom the boss subsequently showed this photo acted as if they had noticed the catch, but did not dare to speak about it openly. “It was petty revenge, but I still giggle when I remember it,” admitted the author of the publication. In the comments, other users praised her action. “Great”, “I giggled reading this”, “This is crazy funny!” – they said.

Former Reddit user toldthat I ordered a gift for my beloved’s birthday and encountered an unpleasant surprise. His story amused commentators.

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