The girl took a DNA test and found out the unexpected truth about her father

29 year old user Reddit shared the story of how she took a DNA test and learned the unexpected truth about her father.

The author of the post wrote that all her life she thought that the man who raised her was not her biological father. “It was believed that I was born as a result of my mother’s infidelity. “I have blond hair, freckles and blue eyes, I was very different from my dark father,” she noted. At the same time, according to the heroine of the story, the man still decided to raise her as his own daughter and refused to take a paternity test.

The girl said that she recently decided to do a DNA test out of curiosity. “It turned out that my father is my biological parent,” she shared the test results.

The heroine of the story added that her father did not want to know the results, but at dinner she showed the DNA test to her sister. “My father didn’t react at all, but when I left that night, he hugged me very tightly,” she admitted.

The narrator noted that her father also raised her mother’s first daughter as his own. “My father met my mother when my sister was two years old and said he wanted to raise children together. They got married and he adopted her a few months after I was born,” she explained.

According to the girl, her father also treated her older sister warmly, so she did not know that she was not her father’s daughter until she was a teenager. “My parents were together for 14 years and remain very close friends today,” she concluded.

“I can’t even imagine how cool it was to learn that!” — one of the users wrote in the comments under the author’s story. Many also noted that sometimes genetics can be unpredictable and people can look very different from their biological parents.

Previously by another Reddit user toldas I did a DNA test on my eight-year-old daughter and was very surprised by the results.

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