The girl quit her job at the hospital and made a fortune by insulting penises

Resident Great Britain quit her job at a hospital to evaluate the penises of subscribers online and made a fortune. She told her story told Daily Star.

Rose Ann, 23, from Kent, was studying to be a nurse and working as a hospital receptionist. She received about 20 thousand pounds sterling (2.2 million rubles) a year, and this money was not enough for her. The girl noticed that on many adult websites models who rate fans’ genitals are popular.

Anne has always been a fan of the chef and TV presenter Gordon Ramsay, known for his expression, and decided to evaluate penises in his style. She started charging 20 pounds sterling (2.2 thousand rubles) from subscribers for sarcastic and even offensive reviews. “Men seem to enjoy being humiliated or being told the naked truth about their appendages. I quickly gained about 300 subscribers, and now I have already done thousands of reviews of pussies,” said the British woman. She soon left the hospital and devoted herself entirely to working online.

She also said that she tries to compare photographs of genitals sent to her with products – from peanuts to cucumbers. In addition, Anne does not spare even those with really large penises, and pretends that they do not impress her.

Thanks to her original approach to creating content, the girl, according to her, began to earn about 20 thousand pounds sterling a month. She specifically thanked Gordon Ramsay for the idea of ​​aggressive reviews. Ann also admitted that at first she did not want to tell her parents about her activity. When the conversation did take place, they were shocked, but then decided that this was a very fun job.

Previously reported, that another student from the UK who was left without money got rich by compiling a ranking of penises. Tegan-Lee Gray, 25, said she was combining university studies with working in a bar until the end of 2022, but was earning very little.

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