The German Chancellor was invited to a brothel to solve problems in the field of prostitution

The German Union of Sex Workers (BesD) invited German Chancellor Olaf Scholz to a brothel to solve problems in the field of prostitution. The organization addressed the politician on its BesD website, writes RIA News.

In this way, the union responded to Scholz’s words that the sale of intimate relationships cannot be considered something natural. “We would like to provide you with our expertise and cordially invite you to a discussion and tour of a brothel in Berlin,” the appeal says. The union clarified that it shares the position of the German Chancellor on the inadmissibility of human trafficking, sexual violence and exploitation.

However, they added that BesD employees do not do this, but in fact “provide a good and valuable service.”

In July 2020, prostitutes and brothel owners in Germany came out to the streets of Hamburg in protest. They defended their right to return to work.

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