In the next few weeks, Ukraine will receive heavy weapons from Germany

Ambassador of Germany to Ukraine Anka Feldhusen

Ambassador of Germany to Ukraine Anka Feldhusen / Photo: Recipe Collection

In the next 3-6 weeks, Germany will supply Gepard self-propelled anti-aircraft guns to Ukraine along with American MLRS and HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems. The Ambassador of Germany to Ukraine Anka Feldhusen said this on the air of the information marathon UAat once.

“Heavy weapons will be coming soon … Panzerhaubitze 2000. Your soldiers have been trained on them for six weeks. And, in my opinion, they will come very soon – these days. After that there will be Gepard. And almost at the same time MLRS and HIMARS will arrive, which we, along with We are gathering in Europe by the United Kingdom and the United States, and your soldiers in Germany are being trained on all these types. My American colleague told me that within three to six weeks, that is, they will also be very soon,” the ambassador said.

According to her, the IRIS-T air defense system, which is still being produced, will be ready in October.

“And the last thing is the IRIS-T system, which the Chancellor spoke about, and which is still being produced, should be ready sometime in October. This is also a very modern system. I hope that your soldiers, while this is being manufactured, can go to Germany and study this system,” she said.

Military aid from Germany

7 self-propelled howitzers that will be handed over to us, Ukraine will receive somewhere on June 22. In addition, the Gepard APU is expected to be delivered in two batches by the end of summer. This is also an old weapon – 30 units: 15 Gepard – until the end of July15 more – until the end of August.

Germany has minimized military support for Ukraine. In the period from March 30 to May 26 to Ukraine received only two shipments of weapons from the German government.

The last supply of anti-aircraft and anti-tank weapons took place on March 25. It included 2,000 Panzerfaust 3 missiles and 1,500 Strela anti-aircraft missiles.