January 8, 2023, 11:51 – Public News Service – OSN

General Staff of the Armed Forces Ukraine tried to show off footage of allegedly destroyed Russian military equipment at the Chernobaevka airfield near Kherson. But in the end it turned out that we are talking about falsification. It is reported by “Military review”.

According to the publication, the General Staff of Ukraine posted a video with equipment allegedly destroyed on the territory of Chernobaevka by forces APU. The video was accompanied by a caption, which noted that the destroyed equipment was the result of 26 “precise strikes” on the object.

But, as stated in the material, in fact, the video was not a very thorough attempt to wishful thinking. So, the video shows the old An-2 aircraft, with the inscription “Aeroflot”, the remains of two trucks, empty hangars for equipment. The most notable object was allegedly belonging to Russia Mi-24 helicopter, on which the mark “not safe” written in Ukrainian was not smeared.

Earlier, on the air of the Public News Service, a conversation took place between two experts who discussed the situation on the fronts of the Ukrainian conflict. President of the Aspect Center for Social and Political Research, political scientist Georgy Fedorov spoke with the head of the central executive committee of the all-Russian organization Officers of Russia, Lieutenant General Alexander Mikhailov, about what the special military operation has come to in 2022 and where it will move on. Details see material.