The emerging Star Citizen is probably the most ambitious game of all time. Chris Roberts’ vision of an experienced development appealed to millions of players who sent an incredible $ 457 million to the project, ie without a million crowns. On the other hand, there are also a few who, after years of unfulfilled promises in the whole project, simply do not know and are afraid that they will break.

Star Citizen can perfectly simulate the movement of human eyes

The original release date will be November 2014. More than seven years later, we have only a prototype in our hands, in addition to many large-scale views and flying trailers. Yes, the prototype, which many managed to spend hours of hours, is functional and content-wise, but it’s still a long way to the best space simulator of all time.

The deadline is constantly shifting, and the authors of the game have therefore drastically reduced their communication with fans so that they do not distract them. And much time for their latest full of development only a few people would applaud them.

In the first place list of new content unexpectedly found the functionality that probably few people demand from the space simulator. Nmi developed intelligence was able to deform the coating when a character enters it, sp or into it. It is nron rear and it significantly expands the complexity of all functionality. For example, what happens to the sheets when someone needs to leave the bed quickly in case of emergency? zaml se autoi. Unfortunately, they are probably the only ones who are interested in such details.

or feelings obt pyramid schemes.

U thought I was changing the testicles in Red Dead Redemption 2 on the basis of the ambient temperature is a change, but this is full of new levels of redundancy, formulated by one of the sunny discussions on the Reddit server vhrady and the others two for him. Star Citizen should be primarily a space simulator, and although similar details can be seen in immersion, they should only be imaginary on the cake, not just what makes the game play.

We can not hope that Chris Roberts will not be able to implement sexual scenes above the trajectory of the ejaculate in a state of gravity, even the most powerful processors of the day could sweat.