two members of bts have had a movie event, when Jimin he put his partner jungkook a strange, but funny nickname.

The group has been working separately for the last 3 months, after Jin older member of BTS had to do his job as a soldier in the army of Koreaso the rest of the members have been sharing a lot with their fans in a lonely way.

Also each one of them, who still should not report to the army, are working separately, making solo music as was the case with MRI and Jiminwhere clearly the most favored are their ARMY fans, who support them so much and listen to their music.

However, although each one is separated, they still interact with each other, they even keep up with the oldest member of the group, Jin who had already been presenting his military service for a few months.

For this reason, a few days ago Jungkook made a live broadcast in order to update his fans about his state of health, and his new hair style, but while he was eating some chicken, a funny comment from Jimin caused endless laughter from those present on the live video.

Jimin noticed the broadcast and immediately posted a comment on it that read, “My baby, eat a lot, now I’ll go«, initially in Korean language; However, the Spanish-speaking people who wanted to know what the comment said were surprised, because what the translator issued was: “My shrimp, my mura, ham, and Gandhi.”

Although the translator has had mistakes several times, Jimin’s new nickname for his partner caused a lot of fun in armyso they did not hide their excitement and quickly invaded the networks with the new nickname.