Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro
| photo: Xiaomi

The popular bracelets of the Smart Band series probably do not need a long introduction. Xiaomi always looked for a good ratio of price and comfort, but now they are trying it with a better Pro variant, which wants to offer something more compared to the standard model. The Xiaomi Smart Band 7 is on the market, priced around 1,300 crowns. The Pro version is just getting ready for global markets.

The Smart Band 7 Pro model wants to be more like a smart watch. This can be noticed at first glance, as it has a noticeable IR display. Its size is 1.64 inches (resolution 280,456 pixels) and it is of the AMOLED type. There is also an always-on function and a tempered glass cover, the manufacturer would not reveal what type.

Last year, in addition to the standard Smart Band model, there was also an NFC version, with which you could also pay in the store, and the new Pro variant also has them. a complete novelty is support for GPS location tracking (plus GLONASS, Galileo, Beidou and QZSS), so you can leave your mobile phone at home when you’re out and about, and your watch will take care of marking your route.

On the side, there is a sensor of the Smart Band 7 model for monitoring heart activity and blood oxygenation, and it goes without saying that sleep quality control is also possible. There are a total of 117 exercises in the book. The frame is thus sealed against the ingress of water, up to a pressure of 5 atmospheres.

The battery of the Smart Band 7 Pro model has a capacity of 235 mAh and should last for 12 days of normal use or 6 days of easy use with GPS on. This is a little less than the standard model, the function is more advanced and the display simply requires more energy.

As with every new generation, this time too you will have a wide selection of colored silicone lenses, from conservative black to vivid orange. On the domestic market, the product will be sold for 400 jan, i.e. about 1,450 crowns, with tax it is around 1,700 crowns. When (and if at all) the brand will be released on the Czech market, we do not know yet.