Shakira Y Gerard Piqué They are giving a lot to talk about in recent weeks, the former soccer player due to his current relationship with the 23-year-old, Clara Chia Marti, Y Shakira for his controversial move with his two children to his mansion in Miami.

The couple, who spent just over 12 years together, broke up due to the alleged infidelity of the Gerard, and after a complicated legal battle, the 45-year-old Colombian woman won custody of her children, Milan Y Sasha, with whom he will soon move to Miami, United States.

The fans of the singer and the former soccer player are very aware of everything that happens with their lives after their relationship came to an end.

Gerard Piqué He has been very committed to doing business with his company and spending a lot of time with his new girlfriend.

Secondly, Shakira She has taken advantage of her sadness to release new music and has taken care of her movements in an attempt to solve the tax problems derived from an alleged tax evasion in Spain, and she is also attentive to the health of her father, who for a few months has been in very delicate health.

Another of the aspects that worries the singer’s followers the most is her economic future after her divorce with Pique, although it is suspected that he will have a fortune left.

The portal CelebrityNetWorth affirms that the ex-partner would have a fortune of about 400 million dollarsas well as some properties in Spain, however, it should be noted that the assets they acquired before starting the relationship will not be included in the division of assets.

Among the assets that do not enter the division of assets are the house of Gerard Piqué in Barcelona and the Mansion from Shakira in Miami.