The former Prime Minister of Slovakia showed a poster with an insult to the new head of government

Former Prime Minister Slovakia Igor Matovic showed a poster insulting the new head of government during a parliamentary meeting Roberta Ficotransmits RIA News.

The incident occurred on Tuesday, November 14. After Fico presented the cabinet’s policy statement to parliamentarians and asked them to support the document, Matovic came up to the podium with a poster that read “Liar without a conscience,” and a red arrow on it pointed to the current prime minister.

Head of Parliament Peter Pellegrini called on the deputy to refrain from such actions, recalling that such devices are prohibited in the meeting room.

Fico did not react to Matovic’s actions and silently took his place. His opponent also did not comment on his action.

Previously Prime Minister statedthat Slovakia will not provide military assistance Ukraine contrary to policy European Union (EU).

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