Hasia were liquidated by the forest near Kyov.
| photo: HZS Jihoeskho kraje

The firefighters have announced a kind of alarm due to the sweat of the deployed units, they said on Twitter. Due to the high temperatures and drought, the warning against the high risk of pores should ease in the Czech Republic, and this danger should subside on Monday with the passage of the cold front, which can take place.

From Friday 16:00, five grasslands and three forest stands came out at the fire station in the Steč region. Most of them were small in scale.

asto lo o nedohaen ohnit. The exception was the rake of the rake and forest in the village of Kryry in the Louny region, which would even have to dig there in the area and the fire brigade, except for the extent of the first current pore in the Dnsko region.