Colombian singer Camilo He has made a rather forceful decision, after the rumors of a marital crisis that he has experienced with his wife and mother of his daughter. Indigo, the venezuelan singer Evaluate Montaner.

After all the scandal that has been generated in social media because of the rumors of separation between Camilo and Evaluna, plus the supposed gender nonbinary of his daughter Indigo, the singer himself has revealed that he made a very important decision for the rest of his life.

The interpreter of ‘Life of Rich’ He has been very clear and precise with the decision he has made, and it is that the artist has now decided that he is not going to separate or Eva Luna nor of his daughter Indigo in a single moment.

In this way, Camilo has affirmed that despite his busy professional schedule, he will do everything possible to be by his side. family. And if that means getting Evaluna and her baby to all their concerts, he will do it without any problem.

The Colombian wants to strengthen his marriage and family with Evaluna, and he does not want anything to be an impediment to spending time with his wife and daughter, because for him, there are occasions when people do not enjoy pleasant moments with their loved ones. loved ones.

Meanwhile, the critics to the couple regarding their child’s non-binary gender Indigo they remain intact, since thousands of people consider that they should let the baby be identified as a girl until she is older and makes her own decision to identify with what she feels most comfortable with.