The flight attendant accused the boss of violence and was ignored by the police and the court

IN India A flight attendant on a private jet accused her boss of violence, but the police and the court ignored her complaint. The publication shares details of what happened The Times of India.

According to the source, the 27-year-old flight attendant moved from Bulgaria to India at the invitation of a local pharmaceutical company in November 2022. At first she lived at the enterprise and was a flight attendant for the chief managing director.

In February 2023, the boss transferred the girl to personal assistant, after which he raped her. The victim contacted the police, but they did not consider her application. She later complained to the local magistrates’ court, which also rejected the claim. Meanwhile, the arbitration court said that the girl filed several complaints, but did not appear to record testimony, so the proceedings were stopped.

The victim’s lawyer believes that law enforcement officers are covering for the businessman. To prove this, he requested CCTV footage from the police station. The victim appealed to the higher court in October.

Previously reportedwhat in Australia A man has been charged with raping a tourist 16 years after the crime. DNA analysis helped find the culprit.

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