More than 27,000 young people took part in online testing, which was a record for the entire six years of the project’s existence.


As reported on the website of the capital’s mayor’s office, the first stage of the voluntary qualification exam (VQE) has ended. This year, a block of creative industries has appeared in the list of testing areas.

According to Alexei Fursin, head of the Moscow Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovative Development, half of Russian universities are already participating in the project. Thus, students of 567 universities, including 14 foreign universities, successfully passed the test. They received an invitation to the second stage.

During December, the partner companies of the project will evaluate the practical skills of students in the format of a case championship. More than 11.5 thousand participants will have to solve practical problems that are developed on the basis of real cases of companies.

This year, the number of professions for which testing was carried out was also a record. These were 70 specialties in seven areas. Thanks to this choice, students can start building a career at an early stage of their studies.

New careers this year include IoT specialist, game designer, systems analyst, blockchain specialist, communications engineer, and building information modeling specialist. Also on the list were professions in the creative industry, such as stylist, producer, motion designer and director.

The most popular professions were: lawyer – 2239 participants, teacher / teacher – 1964 participants, psychologist – 1468 participants, programmer – 1236 participants and economist – 1183 participants. The professions of the new block of creative industries also did not go unnoticed – more than 600 participants became interested in them.

The second stage of the DCE will also be held remotely. The championship will run until the end of December. The winners and prize-winners with the most points will be able to get an internship, internship or even get a job. Thanks to participation in the project, partner companies can find valuable employees for themselves, and students can start building a career.