Klra Laurenkov
| photo: František lift, MAFRA

imkov Laurenkov Czech professional society for inclusive education. She was elected to office on Wednesday, STAN Sra Bernkov told the government. According to the proposal, the Cabinet resolved to appoint Laurenkova to office as of today.

The post of government representative has been vacant since the end of January. Government on January 26 from position recalled Helena Vlková, a member of the YES opposition movement, who took up her position in May 2019. She was appointed by the then YES government and the SSD with the support of the Communists. Last year, Vlkov agreed with Prime Minister Petr Fiala (ODS) to leave.

As a member of the strongest opposition party, I understandably cannot perform the function of the Government Commissioner for Human First, because these two roles could collide, said iDNES.cz Vlkov at the end of January this year.

She added that she would present this agenda in good condition, without any major problems, and she would be happy to help her successor if necessary.