On the eve of the holiday, the New Year’s fairy tale “Chuk and Gek. Big Adventure”. The atmospheric film novelty will allow children and their parents to go on an exciting journey together with the main characters.

photo: press service of the Institute of Education

Specialists of the Institute of Education in their Telegram channel shared first impressions of watching the film and recommended that the Russians arrange a family viewing of a new film from director Alexander Kott.

Familiar characters find themselves in a difficult story. They are subjected to childish trials. Two brothers – Chuk and Gek, missing their dad, go to a geological station, which is located far in the North. The boys are waiting for an unforgettable adventure that will teach them to appreciate friendship and brotherly love. The guys will learn the difference between cowardice and courage, lies and truth, and also understand what real fortitude is.

The educational film will teach young viewers to be responsible for their actions and words, to believe in goodness, miracle, happiness and love.

It is noted that after watching the film, parents should take some time to discuss the film with the child. Experts suggest talking with children about what feelings they had after watching, what the examples of the main characters teach, whom they would like to follow an example from, what helped Huck to grow above himself and how the talismans helped the heroes in their difficult trials.

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