The fifth festival “Ranovskoe summer” was held in the Ryazhsky district

On July 30, in the Ryazhsky district, on the banks of the Ranov River, after a break of two years, the 5th Ranovskoe Summer festival was held. It was timed to coincide with the Year of Cultural Heritage of the Peoples of Russia.

At the festival, traditional and beloved by the guests venues were presented: local history, poetry, sports and others. There were exhibitions of handicrafts from different regions of the region. Food companies presented their products. And the employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations showed rescue equipment and sprayed water from the fire truck on the spectators. What caused the enthusiastic cries of the children.

By tradition, the guests were first greeted by a local history platform. The program was called “Among the battlefield heals the wounds of Ranov.” The host Mikhail Tikhonsky spoke about the role played by Ryazhsk and its inhabitants in different years. Then there was a presentation of the collection “In the White House” by the poet Vladimir Silkin.

Representatives of literary associations from different regions of the region spoke at the poetic platform.

At the opening ceremony, the guests were greeted by the head of the administration of the Ryazhsky district Andrei Nasonov, deputy chairman of the government of the Ryazan region Dmitry Filippov, acting. Vladimir Khominets, Deputy Minister of Health of the Region, Marina Kaurkina, Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism of the Ryazan Region, Ivan Ushakov, Deputy Minister for Territories and Information Policy, Igor Okunev, Deputy Prefect of the Troitsky and Novomoskovsky Administrative Districts of Moscow, and Sergey Filimonov, Honorary Citizen of Ryazhsk. The flag of the festival was raised by an honorary citizen of the city of Ryazhsk Vladimir Silkin.

Soloists and creative teams from different regions of the Ryazan region took part in the big festival concert. Bayanist Pavel Arlamov was a special guest of the concert program.

Then a colorful parade of representatives of 22 municipalities of the region took place.

Each district prepared its courtyard for the Ranovskaya Fair. Where, in a literary and artistic form, they told the guests what is remarkable about their native places. About the people who made them famous.

In the competition “Ranovskaya pike” they found out who cooked the best fish soup. According to the competent jury, the team of the Aleshinsky rural settlement of the Ryazhsky district had the most delicious food.

At the festival of the Ranovsky meadow “Between Khupta and Ranova” songs were performed by soloists and groups of the Ryazhsky region. Guests of the holiday participated in various competitions, drank herbal tea with honey and pastries.

As always, he cordially greeted the guests in his tent “Ranovsky Museum”.

For the first time, a mobile selection point for military service under a contract in the Ryazan region worked at the festival.

Testing and military professional orientation officer Konstantin Stepin:

“Today, more than 30 people have contacted us for information about entering the military service under a contract. One young man wrote a statement.”

All those who were interested were given leaflets with the conditions of military service under a contract in the ranks of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

Fans of original dishes gathered at the Ryazan Tastes culinary workshop. It was also crowded at the competition “Very well done fun”, various attractions worked for children, and a beach was equipped for those who like to swim.

Marina Potorochina, guest from Yekaterinburg, Honored Artist of Russia:

“I am delighted with the festival! I found myself here by chance, came to a friend in Skopin. I love everything folk: songs, costumes, crafts. For fifteen years I worked with balalaika players. The Ranovsky festival made a strong impression, there is such energy here! Thanks to those who came up with and organized this.