The fiancée of the richest man in the world spoke for the first time about their relationship. Why did they start bullying her after that?

American TV presenter Lauren Sanchez told magazine Vogue about an engagement to a billionaire Jeff Bezos – the owner of one of the largest fortunes in the world.

Until now, both he and she preferred not to talk about their personal lives, so the public followed their romance through paparazzi photographs. In May, in one of the shots taken through a telephoto lens, Sanchez was seen wearing a huge engagement ring. Since then it was clear that the billionaire getting ready for the weddingbut the details became known only now.

After meeting Sanchez, the billionaire “crawled out of the cocoon” and turned into a “pumped up butterfly”

Bezos made a fortune in online trading. In the mid-1990s he founded the largest Amazon online storethen released the Kindle, the first popular e-reader, and launched the giant Amazon Web Services cloud service used by thousands of sites and applications.

In the rankings of the world’s richest people, compiled by Bloomberg and Forbes, Bezos invariably ranks among the first. Sometimes the founder gets ahead SpaceX And Tesla Elon Musk or president Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy Bernard Arnaultbut this usually does not last long.

Lauren Sanchez and Jeff Bezos at a ski resort in December 2022. Photo: BG041/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images/Getty Images

Lauren Sanchez is six years younger than Bezos: she will soon be 54 years old, and he will be 60. The billionaire met her before his divorce from his first wife, writer MacKenzie Bezos. A former television news anchor, Sanchez founded Black Ops Aviation, a company that provides aerial photography for film and major media projects.

Bezos ordered aerial photography from Sanchez of rocket launches that his company was developing. It is believed that it was then that they became close

Judging by the Vogue article, Sanchez and Bezos are completely different from each other. Sanchez is extremely sociable and makes friends with Kim Kardashian, and Bezos has always been unsociable and did not particularly strive for luxury. He spent his billions on his passion for space and the construction of a titanic clock mechanism that should work once every hundred years.

After meeting Sanchez, the billionaire even changed in appearance: he shaved his head, gained muscle, and for some reason became addicted to cowboy hats. He’s never done this before, but apparently Bezos thinks hats make him look more masculine. “He seemed to crawl out of his cocoon like a pumped-up butterfly,” Vogue writes about this.

Lauren Sanchez and Jeff Bezos before the Formula 1 car race in Miami. Photo: Kym Illman/Getty Images

Bezos’ fiancee nearly fainted when he presented her with a pink diamond ring

In an interview with Vogue, Sanchez said Bezos proposed to her when they set sail on his new yacht in May. After dinner for two under the starry sky, she returned to her room, took off her makeup and was about to go to bed, but then she discovered a case with a ring under her pillow. “When Jeff opened it, I think I lost consciousness for a moment,” asserts she.

The engagement ring was adorned with a huge pink diamond. In May, when it was spotted in paparazzi photographs, jeweler Ajay Anandu of Rare Carats estimated its weight at 20 carats. In his opinion, the gift cost the billionaire about $2.5 million.

Sanchez also dispelled rumors that the figure on the bow of Bezos’ yacht has her appearance. “If it were me…” she added and made a gesture suggesting that in this case the figure would have larger breasts. According to her, the sculptor tried to depict the Scandinavian goddess Freya

Although four months have passed since their engagement, Bezos and Sanchez still have not decided when and where their wedding will take place. When a Vogue journalist asked the billionaire if he was going to participate in the preparation of his wedding, he laughed strangely and said: “Oh God, of course not. Do I look like an idiot?

Sanchez was more specific. “We are still thinking about the wedding,” Sanchez explained. – What will it be like? Should we have a big wedding? Maybe somewhere abroad? We don’t know yet.” But this, apparently, is still a long way off. First, they plan to celebrate Bezos’s anniversary—he turns 60 on January 12.

Lauren Sanchez at a press conference after Jeff Bezos’ suborbital flight. Photo: Joe Skipper/Reuters

Sanchez forced Bezos to get a pilot’s license and, following him, is preparing to fly into space

Sanchez has personally done aerial photography – she knows how to pilot a helicopter and loves doing it. Bezos, who once survived a plane crash, hated them, but his fiancee forced him to get a pilot’s license.

During the interview, Sanchez proudly showed off her Bell 429 helicopter to the Vogue journalist, but she was more interested in why Sanchez put on sneakers before the flight. “We’ll be flying, otherwise I’d be wearing cowboy boots,” she explained. “However, I also flew in heels.”

As befits a fashion magazine, under the portrait of Sanchez at the helm, taken by legendary photographer Annie Leibovitz, brands of clothing and accessories are listed

In one of the photos, Bezos’ fiancee poses in a helicopter wearing a Staud + Wrangler jumpsuit and Tom Ford glasses. At the spaceport, she arches seductively in a blue Valentino dress with side cutouts and a plunging neckline. In the space capsule, she wears a metallic blue Ferragamo minidress. There is even a photo inside the mechanism of the very thousand-year-old clock that the billionaire built. To fit the giant gears into the frame, she had to lie down on an uncomfortable ladder while wearing a red Dolce & Gabbana dress.

In an interview with Vogue, Sanchez admitted that she cried with excitement when Bezos went on a suborbital flight on his own rocket. Now she herself is preparing for the same flight and, along the way, is writing a children’s book about an astronaut fly who became an ecologist. As for his giant watch, she says it is designed to express thoughts about the future.

Launch of a rocket developed by Jeff Bezos’ company. Photo: Joe Skipper/Reuters

In an interview with Vogue, Sanchez refused to answer unpleasant questions about her fiance’s wealth.

Although Sanchez is already over 50, you couldn’t tell by her appearance. In a conversation with Vogue she explainedthat a youthful appearance helps maintain a healthy lifestyle. She named five components necessary to maintain youth and health: meditation, regular exercise, diet, healthy sleep and use of sunscreen.

I never think: wow, I’ll be 54 in December and we’ll get married. It just happens. And we’re excited about our future.

Lauren Sanchez

The future looks bright for Sanchez. She said she could already imagine her life as Mrs. Bezos. When a Vogue journalist asked if she was concerned about the negative impact of billionaires on the environment, Sanchez began talking about charity.

When asked if she thought Bezos was turning space exploration into money-lover’s entertainment, she responded by saying, “We’re building a path to space so our kids can build the future.” It sounds ambiguous, because their children are the children of the richest people in the world.

Bezos gives his fiancee’s attitude a different explanation. “She’s dyslexic,” he jokes. “She just thinks she’s 35.”

Photo: @annieleibovitz / @voguemagazine

Interviews and photos of Sanchez and Bezos faced mockery and criticism on social networks

Jeff Bezos is one of the most unpopular billionaires in the world USA. The company he founded, Amazon, is notorious for its terrible working conditions, with warehouse workers allegedly having to urinate in bottles to stay on the job. Its reputation has especially deteriorated since the COVID-19 pandemic. While ordinary people were losing their jobs and money, Bezos took advantage of the increased demand for online delivery and rapidly increased his wealth.

A negative reaction to the obsequious publication in Vogue and Leibovitz’s photographs, which were clearly retouched, was inevitable. Special bullying called on social networks there is a picture where the billionaire and his fiancee are captured in the front seat of a van. Bezos is wearing a black T-shirt, blue jeans and a cowboy hat. Sanchez is wearing a white T-shirt Levi’s.

I should have spent more time on her face. It’s surprising that these photos missed Anna Wintour

comment on social network

“I have never felt as uncomfortable as I do looking at this photo,” one comment read. “Is this some kind of joke? Who is responsible for these pictures? – says another. “They showed me this photo shoot against my will,” complains a third. “Bring back the old Vogue! – Readers are outraged. “This is bad form on your part.”

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