Before May 9, various events dedicated to the Great Victory Day are often held in schools, institutes, the university, on the main square of the city. School No. 27 is no exception: within its walls, the military-patriotic festival “Soldiers of Russia” was held, in which almost all classes took part – from first to tenth.

The students have been preparing for the event for several weeks. Each class selected a song to perform at the festival, the guys learned the words, tried to come up with a more interesting scene, to pick up a poem corresponding to the theme of the event.

Particularly touching were the performances of the junior classes, who, despite their young age, approached the task very responsibly. The middle and high school students also did their best. From the songs they sang and the poems they told, goosebumps ran through many.

The literary and musical production of the 10th “a” made a special impression. With the support and help of the class teacher, the boys and girls played the guitar, were able to connect each component of their performance and turn it into a small performance that made the audience feel the emotions experienced by people on the first day of the war.

The class teacher of this class Darya Olegovna Kuzmicheva shared her impressions of the event.

– The festival of military-patriotic songs was wonderful! The students of our school showed their talents. Each of them put his soul into the performance, imbued with the performances of other schoolchildren. The songs performed by the guys left a deep imprint in my soul. I wish such heartfelt events would take place more often.

Veronika BATAGOVA (school of a young journalist), photo by the author