The Federation Council allowed an increase in the potential for the production of Checkmate aircraft

First Deputy Head of the Defense Committee Federation Council (SF) Victor Bondarev admitted that production in Russia aircraft of the new Checkmate type will be able to increase the country’s combat potential against the backdrop of global demand for Su-35Ka-52 and T-90. The senator published a comment on the situation in Telegram.

Bondarev explained that the increase in demand for Russian-made military equipment was recorded as a result of the successful use in a special operation on Ukraine. The Federation Council member assured that preparations for the production of new Checkmate samples have already started, and the documentation has been sent to the manufacturing plant.

According to the senator, the installation party Checkmate fighters intend to produce in 2026.

Previously, a military expert Vasily Dandykin notedthat the main feature of Checkmate is its stealth.

The Checkmate light tactical aircraft is a fifth-generation Russian stealth multi-role fighter that is being developed as an export project. A distinctive feature of the fighter is the ability to adapt it to the needs of the customer.

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