The Federal Air Transport Agency harshly criticized the report on the investigation into the A320 landing in a field

Rosaviatsia severely criticized the report on the results of the investigation into the landing of the Airbus A320 aircraft “Ural Airlines” in the field under Novosibirsk. About it report Izvestia with reference to a letter from the head of the agency Dmitry Yadrov to the head of the West Siberian Interregional Territorial Administration of the Agency (ZS MTU) Vyacheslav Fedorov.

It is noted that 15 violations were found in the document drawn up by the MTU Legislative Assembly based on the results of the investigation. In addition, the commission did not notice the low level of pilots who committed “reckless actions,” the source said. It is known that the report contained errors in calculations, data not confirmed by the recording of conversations, and deception by the aircraft commander about the indication of the retracted landing gear position.

In addition, the Federal Air Transport Agency drew attention to the false statement that the pilots, before making the decision to leave for an alternate airfield, calculated the required amount of fuel for the flight to Novosibirsk. According to the source, in fact, no calculations were made, as evidenced by the transcript of the negotiations.

The analysis of the report also indicates that the commission recognized the arguments of the aircraft commander about the danger of landing in Omsk. However, this, according to the Federal Air Transport Agency, contradicted data on the state of the aircraft and runway systems and the weather. According to Izvestia, Yadrov demanded that all violations found be eliminated and the report be finalized, including three people from the leadership of Rosaviation in the new commission.

Earlier it was reported that the reason for the landing of the Ural Airlines plane in a field near Novosibirsk became crew error. The pilots incorrectly determined the actual position of the landing gear and doors after the failure of the “green” hydraulic system.

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