A few months ago, foreign media reported that gerard Pique took home to Clara Chia to present his parents in the midst of all the controversy generated by the divorce of Gerard and Shakiraand this act the Colombian has not liked at all, because her ex-partner’s parents are still her neighbors and they can see everything that happens from their house, for this reason the singer has decided to do something so that things don’t continue like this.

The Spanish media have deeply investigated the details of the media separation between gerard Y Shakiraupon discovering that the singer had begun a series of renovations in her house, since she is going to remove the entrance that gives direct access to her in-laws’ house and will build a high wall so that her neighbors do not see anything that happens in your home.

At first it was believed that the wall could give her the distance or space that the singer needed to heal after her break with Gerard, but now we know that this decision may be due to the presence of clear chia and the will of her ex-in-laws to welcome her into their home,

Some paparazzi have reported that clear enjoy swimming in the pool of the parents of gerardwhich can be seen with the naked eye from the balcony of the Colombian house.

Do you think the measures Shakira is taking are necessary? Will they work?