In the Express poll for the biggest photo of the outfit of Jana Ernochov (ODS), a moment finally increased with a great leap, and the politician poses with a stone sculpture. In this case, the Minister of Defense let herself be caught up in a wave of romance, which is not so bad again. Mon first it was a reason she was so interested in. But subtle sneakers, like low ripples in the hair, also made a difference.

The Czech Republic will be a member of the UN Human Rights Council of Russia, which was expelled due to the barbaric invasion of Ukraine. Today it was voted by the UN General Assembly. Have nothing to look for in this series of Russians! The work of Czech diplomats and Jakub Kulhnek. Dky, she got angry Jana Ernochov in connection with the election of the Czech Republic to the UN Council, vn replaced by Russia.

Surely she would have gone for it if she knew the response to his models, which he has been presenting in recent years.

John Ernochov prayed that it would happen in time. In the case of his clothed goddamn prayers were not heard.

Jana Ernochov often fights an internal struggle, where her military and romantic due to her.

I am celebrated not only by the Ministry of Defense and the author of the art club, she has risen to it. The author who received the day will receive a round of applause.

A big thank you also to the one who weaved and used a colorful suit, him ernochov she hugged the day she took the picture at the warehouse. This picture is located in a very second city, although at a relatively large distance.

Jana Ernochov is not afraid of colors.

The photo of politics in pavch aty ended on the bronze furnace. In this case, the interest was aroused not only by the motif of the pva, who was admired in the gardens of the time by ex-minister Alena Schillerov (YES), but also untraditional. He k ernochov s much lp not laboriously hair.

From these pictures, it could be deduced that the Minister of Defense should reduce some of the drama and desire to cope with the need to stand up and make the world stand out.