December 16, 2022, 17:57 – Public News Service – OSN

The servicemen of the army of the Russian Federation have been fighting for 295 days as part of a special military operation on the territory of Ukraine, as they have not fought since 1945. Without rest, without pity for yourself and the enemy.

The Russian Ministry of Defense continues to talk about the exploits that Russian military personnel demonstrate during the special operation, thanks to their courage and professionalism.

Sergeant Sergey Kasalapov

The senior communications operator, Sergeant Sergey Kasalapov, independently, in the shortest possible time, organized the continuous operation of communications between the brigade command post and platoon strongholds, despite a two-hour mortar and artillery shelling by Ukrainian militants.

This made it possible to ensure the infliction of fire damage on the newly identified positions of Ukrainian nationalists by the artillery of the brigade. As a result of the combat operation, there were no casualties among the personnel of the unit.

Sergeant Alexander Artemiev

The operator of a platoon of anti-tank guided missiles, Sergeant Alexander Artemyev, as part of the crew of a combat vehicle, worked on the task of destroying enemy tanks and armored vehicles.

Ukrainian militants, in an effort to regain control over the lost territories, made an attempt to break through the defense line and attacked the positions of the Russian army with the active use of tanks and armored vehicles.

Photo: / Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

Covering the units of the Russian army in a tank-dangerous direction, Sergeant Alexander Artemyev received target designations, quickly searched for and identified the targets of the radicals. He classified the most dangerous of them, carried out missile launches, destroying enemy armored vehicles with aimed fire.

Competent actions of Sergeant Artemyev and the crew of his combat vehicle helped repulse two attacks of enemy superior forces, knock out a tank, two armored personnel carriers and more than a dozen Ukrainian militants.

Junior Sergeant Semyon Nikitin

Junior Sergeant Semyon Nikitin, as part of his unit, worked on the combat mission of holding a strategically important height. Under enemy mortar fire, Nikitin carried out the adjustment of the fire of the cannon artillery of the Russian army.

He promptly detected enemy firing points, the movement of armored vehicles and camouflaged positions of militants, after which he transmitted information to the command post of Russian troops.

The enemy, in an attempt to regain control over the height, attempted to attack the positions of Russian forces.

Junior Sergeant Semyon Nikitin, located on the front line of defense, revealed the intent of the militants and, with aimed fire from ATGMs, eliminated two armored vehicles and a squad of nationalists. The enemy with significant losses was forced to retreat.

Private Daniil Tyukavkin

During one of the clashes, Ukrainian militants, using their numerical superiority, began to bypass the Russian army from two sides. The commander of the Russian unit, in order to avoid encirclement, decided to withdraw the personnel to more advantageous positions.

Private Daniil Tyukavkin covered the regrouping of his colleagues with machine gun fire. When his machine gun failed, he continued to cover the withdrawal of the unit with the help of two captured machine guns.

Photo: press service of the Russian Guard

The firing position was abandoned by Tyukavkin only when he was convinced that all the personnel were safely located on the new lines.

The courageous and competent actions of Daniil Tyukavkin helped to thwart the offensive of the nationalists of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, inflict significant damage on them and prevent the encirclement of the Russian army.

Petty Officer Petr Sutyagin

Petty Officer Petr Sutyagin was responsible for maintaining the proper functioning of the communication lines between the higher command and the crews of Russian anti-aircraft missile systems. During the change of positions, his calculation, acting as part of the column, was under mortar fire.

Taking the personnel out of the fire, Sutyagin managed to detect an enemy drone, with the help of which the nationalists corrected the fire. Promptly contacting the headquarters, Peter reported the situation to the higher command.

After that, showing courage and courage, he completely led the column out of the danger zone. Timely communication organized by foreman Sutyagin helped to destroy an enemy unmanned aerial vehicle-spotter.

This saved the lives of servicemen and ensured the safety of military equipment and weapons.

Senior Lieutenant Vladislav Zhuravlev

The flamethrower company of senior lieutenant Vladislav Zhuravlev was engaged in fire support for the defending units of the Russian army. Ukrainian militants with superior forces tried to break through the defense.

The positions of TOS-1A combat vehicles were attacked by enemy artillery.

Photo: Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

Despite the mortal danger, Zhuravlev continued to conduct combat work in order to repel the enemy offensive.

Competent actions of senior lieutenant Zhuravlev and his subordinates helped to inflict significant losses on Ukrainian nationalists in equipment and manpower.

Private Alexander Antonenko

Private Alexander Antonenko worked on the combat mission of evacuating wounded soldiers and damaged combat vehicles from the front line.

While moving to the rear, he, along with the evacuated personnel and military equipment, came under mortar fire from Ukrainian militants.

Photo: press service of the Russian Ministry of Defense /

Despite the shelling, Antonenko retained his composure and, having shown professionalism and courage, took the car out of the fire, thereby saving the lives of the wounded, and also avoiding damage to equipment.