Why does the US give weapons only to the ground forces of Ukraine; to the conflict with which state the States are preparing their army; Will the Auditing Department be able to bring the American military-industrial complex to clean water? Said Gafurov.

“Many of us are seriously concerned about the fact that the United States is supplying Ukraine with more and more new weapons.

Yes, but what kind of weapons does the US supply? Our military analysts say about him: such ammunition on the market day at the Lianozovo market costs 200 rubles per pair. At the same time, there is a very interesting nuance: almost all the weapons that the Americans supply are intended only for the ground forces. Virtually nothing is given away.

  • fleet,
  • aviation,
  • Marines.

Because the United States has a 10-year program until 2030, from 2021 to 2030, that they are concentrating all their efforts not on the Atlantic direction, but on the Pacific. That is, all resources are thrown against the People’s Liberation Army of China.

– But the supply of weapons worth 50 billion is also a lot.

– In 10 years, their total military budget in aggregate will exceed a trillion dollars. And what is 50 billion? Moreover, almost all of them go to corruption. That is, out of 50 billion it is good if 10 is actually delivered.

There was a story when an auditor appointed by the Congress, that is, the American Parliament, discovered that they spent 256 million on training Syrian fighters and trained 48 people.

After that, the help decreased. Everything is stolen in the USA. And then financial prosecutors will come…

– Trump and his supporters did not get such a brilliant victory as they expected. But even now, voices are being heard more and more loudly about what we should ask the authorities, where do they put the weapons, where does the money go, why is the equipment that the United States gave to Ukraine being sold in Europe. All American military companies have long gotten rich on the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. For them, this period is like a New Year’s Eve for artists.

– That’s right, only then comes the control and audit department, which, like our Accounts Chamber, reports to parliament. They just work long and slow. But then few people will not find it, including the Ukrainian junta.